Coverage of the EACM 2022 Symposium in Radikov, 27 - 29 May 2022

This year's 4th edition of the EACM Symposium offered its participants a rich and valuable programme. During the workshops and seminars, holistic music therapy and the use of the CMLH method in various professions were presented, there were demonstrations of the production and use of musical instruments in natural tuning, and there were also several concert performances by professional artists in conjunction with holistic music therapy. 

Group and individual supervision took place on Friday morning. Many members appreciated the opportunity to communicate and share their own themes in music therapy practice. The supervisors Daniela Jeníčková and Lubomír Holzer took the lead. 

A very valuable contribution were two expert lectures that touched on the view of spiritual values and their decline in today's world, especially on the journey we take every day. Understanding our roots and discovering the connected vessels is slowly opening the eyes of many of us to not only hope, but also giving a deeper meaning to holistic music therapy and moving towards the true fulfillment of CMLH.   

At each workshop there was healthy lecturing that reflected curiosity and a desire to learn something new. The flute technique was taught by professional musician and music therapist Štěpánka Vašíčková, while Filip Kačer and Ondřej Smeykal played the didgeridoo. The interpretive seminar on the shepherd's fujarka, Tibetan bowl and shaman drum took place in the former stable in the walls of the Radíkov fortress under the guidance of Lubomír Holzer. You can imagine it... and if you don't, come back next time, it was worth it! Right Lubomir? Those who wanted to, tried playing many instruments by Vitek Kasparik. Apart from the shepherd's pipes, endpipes and duos, Vítek also presented velvety sounding elder clarinets. There is no longer any doubt about the skills of the Martins in making djembe or shaman drums. Who does not have at least one of their drums? Věrka Martincová added her story about how she works with children in kindergartens and primary schools in music therapy. Petr Vysočan was happy to share examples of making simple instruments for children in his workshop. Staying with the children, Michal Veselý also presented his children's story, which introduces the youngest ones to playing various music therapy instruments, including playing these instruments together. And our other producer Radek Kaprál presented a set of handmade and artfully made music therapy instruments such as the pow wow drum. The meditation by Veronika Faltusova filled the workshop participants with colorful experiences convincing them of the lecturer's skill and long experience with the principles and effects of the CMLH method. A little bit of exoticism was brought to the symposium by the workshop of Pavel Nowak, who took care of the African window together with the teaching of the camel.       

And what to say about the concerts at the symposium? The professional approach of the two Moravian brothers Pavel Fajt and Lubomír Holzer, their unique interpretation of Moravian folk songs on drums and cistra in connection with singing, the interesting presentation of the combination of acoustic and electronic world of instruments during the performance of Lubomír Holzer and Ondřej Smeykal and the art of children's folk singers from Slôneček under the direction of Jitka Kapralová from the Konice School of Music in connection with holistic music therapy.

Not only thanks to its successful program, but also thanks to all those who did not hesitate to come and spend a weekend together with holistic music therapy, this year's symposium became a pleasant space for mutual enrichment, sharing and experiencing. Therefore, a big thank you not only to the organizers, but also to everyone who came and created a wonderful atmosphere for the symposium.

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