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EACM Lysice Symposium 2019

A rare guest of this year's event was Jan Staněk, who led two vocal seminars for the participants. The interest of the participants in singing was great. The program of the symposium also offered music therapy relaxation by Veronika Faltusová. Dita Mohelská prepared a music therapy seminar for children and Michal Veselý played a music therapy fairy tale. Lubomír Holzer gave a lecture on The Spiritual Component of Holistic Music Therapy and a seminar on the Basics of Individual Music Therapy. Irena Johanka Savková presented holistic music therapy to the public and Vít Kašpařík gave a lecture on the production of musical instruments. Throughout the Saturday, music therapy instruments made by Vit Kašpařík, Miroslav Endrych, Věra and Václav Martinc, as well as udu, Tibetan bowls and gongs were on sale in the courtyard of the castle. Saturday's programme culminated with a concert by the Moravian Brothers performed by Pavel Fajt and Lubomir Holzer. On Sunday, a panel dialogue took place in which Irena Johanka Savková, Iva Smýkalová, Soňa Štoudková, Luděk Vařák, Magda Blahová and Veronika Faltusová presented their music therapy work. According to the feedback, this item of the programme was of great benefit to the participants. On Sunday, the symposium program offered the public a concert called Wonders of the World, which was prepared by music therapists together with children from local school facilities.

The aim of the symposium is the continuous education of music therapists. An integral part of it is also very important meeting of fellow music therapists, sharing and passing on personal experiences. For these informal and very important meetings we were welcomed by the Café Dubský. The symposium also offers part of the programme to the general public and can thus spread music therapy wherever it is needed.

Veronika Faltusová

Marchov Spring 2017

Healing, healing, purifying and transforming stay 3 - 26 March 2017 Maršov u Uherského Brod

It is always a very pleasant surprise to see what beautiful places there are in our countryside. Maršov u Uherského Brod is also a place that has preserved its unique atmosphere of a countryside little touched by the expanding society, a place where time has literally "stopped" and lives its peaceful life. Forests, pastures, meadows, amazing views of the hilly landscape...

It was this environment that created very supportive conditions for a traditional springtime, healing, and transformational retreat with holistic music therapy. One of its principles is precisely to connect with nature, because it sees humans as an integral part of it. Anyone who has ever experienced music therapy in such a pleasant environment, and moreover right somewhere in the bosom of nature, fully perceives this necessity. The effect of CM and everyone's experience is then much more intense and the connection with the energy of the Earth, the Universe is much stronger.

From the beginning, the use of CMLH group techniques, such as "music therapy wombs" or "vocal techniques using Tibetan bowls", was part of the programme. Intuitive and aliquot singing was accompanied by playing numerous music therapy instruments in natural tuning. The music therapy orchestra was also used to accompany the singing of Proto-Slavic songs (Lada, Vesna, Perun) and old Moravian folk songs and ballads.

In CMLH group techniques, active involvement of all participants is necessary. How the group works is always very important and the effect of the techniques applied depends on the functioning of the group. The overall positive, friendly, cooperative atmosphere was again created very early on and lasted until the end of the seminar. We can safely say that CMLH itself creates this positive atmosphere with its premises, principles, holistic approach and action.

Both evenings ended with group passive music therapy relaxation by the lecturer of the stay, music therapist PaedDr. Lubomír Holzer. They had a strong cleansing-meditation effect. Saturday's was also of a ceremonial nature, with a healing and therapeutic focus. The "Rite of Unity" was a deep mental, emotional and spiritual-energetic experience for all. Many really felt the state of Oneness, which was a very powerful indescribable experience.

It is a great pleasure to know that there are therapeutic methods that have a real, undeniable, in practice countless times proven healing and healing effect on the whole human being in all its components, just like Lubomir Holzer's Holistic Music Therapy. However, the sad fact remains that these therapies, like holistic medicine, remain under-appreciated. Their potential is enormous and we are aware of it!

Mgr. Dita Mohelská


is medicinal
the power of the universe


in the soul can be heard by the universe.

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