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CMLH method- Holistic music therapy by PaedDr. Lubomír Holzer

PaedDr. Lubomír Holzer

Lubomír Holzer is a special educator, leading Czech music therapist, expert guarantor, lecturer and supervisor of music therapy, teacher and organizer of holistic music therapy. Since June 4, 2017, L. Holzer has been the chairman of the EACM z.s., chairman of its professional committee and also an EACM professionally certified music therapist. L. Holzer has been professionally involved in music, theatre and the arts in general since 1986. He has been a lecturer since 2000. He graduated from the Faculty of Education at Palacký University in Olomouc in 1983 with a degree in special education. He completed his doctoral studies with a rigorous examination in 1987 at the Faculty of Education of the University of Olomouc and received the degree of PaedDr.

From 1987 to 1989 he studied music theory at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. Lubomír Holzer is currently undergoing a long-term two-stage supervision training in the helping professions and has completed the first part of 150 hours. He will complete the training this autumn. He has been practicing music therapy professionally for over twenty-seven years. Since 2003 he has been lecturing music therapy at UP Olomouc, first at the Pdf and since 2008 at the ICV Ff UP Olomouc. The tradition of lifelong education in the field of holistic music therapy has been running continuously for fifteen years. PaedDr. Lubomír Holzer also teaches the course "Therapy in Special Pedagogy" for full-time and combined students at the Faculty of Education of the University of Olomouc.

Study in CM courses at the ICV Faculty of Arts, Palacký University in Olomouc

Holistic music therapy has existed in the Czech Republic since 1991 in the form of the method "CMLH - Holistic Music Therapy by Lubomir Holzer" (it is essential to note that the term "holistic" has a philosophical meaning and basis and not a descriptive function). Lubomír Holzer has been creating and developing this method for more than 27 years and is its exclusive author. Its roots, however, date back to 1983. Since 1983, L. Holzer has been engaged in music therapy, i.e. thirty-five years of music therapy practice, which means approximately 21,000 hours of direct music therapy practice with children, youth and clients with mental, sensory, physical and combined disabilities, clients with autism spectrum disorders and ADHD, clients with a variety of disabilities, with speech and speech therapy clients and with clients from other health and social groups. He is the author of his own, completely original method of holistic music therapy - CMLH, which he has been creating since 1991 and which, as already mentioned, dates back to 1983.

You can study holistic music therapy within the framework of lifelong learning courses at the Faculty of Arts of Palacký University in Olomouc. TeachingCosmic music therapy at UP Olomouc is the only comprehensive system of music therapy education at the highest professional level in the Czech Republic with the guarantee of the university and long-term accreditation of the Ministry of Education and Science, which is valid especially for further education of teaching staff, but it is also intended for the entire field of social services and for non-medical staff. However, doctors also study here. Holistic music therapy is practically applied in the departments of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Ministry of Health. This is the current situation. The needs and manifestations of practice are always ahead of the ideas of the individual ministries. As the only one in the Czech Republic, the system of education in holistic music therapy at the ICV FF UP Olomouc is recognised throughout the European Union, in England and elsewhere in the world. This is evidenced by foreign students from Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, the Philippines and currently also from the USA (graduates of the courses are working abroad, in the EU and outside the EU), who have been continuously enrolled since 2008 and who practice holistic music therapy in their countries. We now have more than thirty graduates from abroad. The study is carried out within the framework of lifelong learning courses at the ICV FF UP Olomouc. It currently has three follow-up degrees. Each has three semesters: CM1 - 180 hours, CM2 - 180 hours and CM3 - 370 hours of full-time teaching. Participants can therefore complete a total of 730 hours of music therapy professional, practical and experiential training and teaching. CM3 also includes self-experience training and supervision. Students and graduates already undertake practice during their studies, which for many amounts to several hundred hours of direct music therapy activity. Graduates of all three levels of the holistic music therapy courses (CM1 - CM3) are the most comprehensively and at the highest level prepared for the profession of music therapist in the Czech Republic (although it is not yet on the register of professions of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, but the legislative framework will certainly soon catch up with the already functioning practice. Upon proper completion of each degree, graduates will receive a certificate of completion. The certificate is valid and recognised throughout the European Union and elsewhere abroad, as evidenced by the live experience of our foreign graduates. In terms of content and scope, the study in CM courses fully meets European standards and in most items exceeds their requirements. The professional guarantor and main teacher of the course is PaedDr. Lubomír Holzer.

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CMLH method, holistic music therapy by Lubomír Holzer.

Holistic music therapy, as the name implies, has in its philosophical basis a holistic approach to the World, the Universe, man and therapy itself. CMLH operates primarily in the sensory-physical, music-therapeutic field and no less in the space that L. Holzer calls spiritual-energetic, i.e. in the suprasensory, transpersonal, metaphysical field. Holistic music therapy always has a complex effect on the physical, psychological, emotional, social, energetic, mental and spiritual components of the human being. Its effects are just as complex. The primary effect observed, experienced and reflected upon is the rapid calming of clients, the gradual relaxation (from shallow to deep states), and the gradual resolution of emotional, psychological and physical tensions and spasms. Measurable effects are slowing and calming of heart and breathing rates, stabilization of blood pressure, transition of brain electrical activity on EEG from β - beta level (18-35 Hz) to relaxation α - alpha level (8-14 Hz) and in some relaxers even deeper to θ - theta level (3.5-7.5 Hz) of brain electrical waves. Medical and music therapy research has also shown significant immune enhancement with long-term holistic music therapy. Medical research also confirms an increase in the production of NK cells (natural killer cells), large white blood cells aimed at fighting germs and diseases themselves, and a gradual realignment of all body systems and functions. The NK cell is the big cell of the immune system. NK cells are capable of killing cancer cells or cells infected by viruses. The specific music used in holistic music therapy works at the cellular level of the human body. It energizes and harmonizes the cellular fluid naturally and physiologically, thus optimizing all cellular mechanisms including metabolic ones.

Clients with behavioural and emotional disorders and aggressive clients, especially those with autistic spectrum disorders, always experience a calming down and a cessation of aggressive behaviour and other behaviours characteristic of their behaviour. Holistic music therapy - CMLH - works extensively with clients with intellectual disabilities and combined disabilities as well as clients with mental illness. Holistic music therapy is very significantly applied as a specialised means of non-verbal therapeutic communication in supporting the communicative competence of pupils with special educational needs across the range of disabilities, with impaired or absent verbal communication, with complete absence of communication and with behavioural and emotional, concentration, learning disorders, also for clients on the autistic spectrum and clients with Asperger's syndrome, ADHD -LMD, clients with epilepsy, sensory perception disorders, speech fluency disorders and combined disabilities. We also apply music therapy with success in working with psychiatric, neurological, oncological and neonatology clients. A developing area has long been the use of CMLH in working with the elderly, those with Alzheimer's disease, dementia and Parkinson's disease. Here again we observe a significant music therapeutic effect and potential. We see holistic music therapy as a universal therapeutic tool with no known contraindications for all those in need, from all areas of health or social classification.

Holistic music therapy works in the field of natural acoustic laws that apply in the terrestrial environment. Its manifestation is the so-called natural tuning, which means a completely characteristic interval arrangement of the relationships between tones. Today's music, however, mostly uses a tempered, modified tuning that differs in frequency from the natural tuning. From a music therapy point of view, the natural tuning mentioned above is the most adequate for the human organism. Music played and sung in such a tuning is therefore the most suitable and effective for music therapy purposes. It is in harmony and in tune with man on all levels, in all systems and functions. This specification, together with the use of handmade instruments made from natural materials, makes holistic music therapy a unique music therapy method that has proven to have some of the most profound and effective therapeutic effects. However, everything depends on the expertise, training, practical experience and skills of the music therapist himself. Which also means that the result of holistic music therapy is always conditioned by the aforementioned parameters and the quality of the personality of each music therapist. Only long-term documented results of direct music therapy work can be a confirmation of the success of the music therapy process and also a confirmation of the quality of the music therapist himself. The aforementioned sophisticated system of lifelong continuing education in holistic music therapy and supervision serves to increase professional competence. The effectiveness and functioning of holistic music therapy has been sufficiently confirmed by continuous, relevant and completely valid empirical research since 1983. This never-ending work also organically involves graduates of the holistic music therapy courses at UP Olomouc since 2003. Their number is close to four hundred. The holistic music therapy of CMLH itself is therefore also the result of the aforementioned practical, theoretical and research work of all participating music therapists.

Holistic music therapy has universal application and there are no known contraindications. All the phenomena and therapeutic results are continuously investigated by long-term good practice, confirmed by specific case studies and evaluated by continuous empirical research of all long-term working holistic music therapists in the Czech Republic and abroad.

The need for a holistic and transpersonal approach is becoming more and more evident in all fields of scientific research, all human activity and the functioning of the human community on Earth. It is the way of further unrestricted development of humanity within the framework of the natural maintenance of life on Earth, without destroying nature and our planet in general. For all the reasons mentioned, and for the essence of the existence of life and the Universe itself, we apply the holistic approach in music therapy in its methodological and philosophical meaning.

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