Musical instruments for holistic music therapy

The quality and origin of musical instruments is of fundamental importance for music therapy. This includes, among other things, the personality of the maker, not lending personal instruments to anyone else, and no less possibly buying other people's instruments. One always imprints oneself on an instrument by one's state, level of spiritual vibration, emotions, lifestyle, attitude, mindset, conscious mission, intention, etc. In other words, the ideal for music therapy is to buy instruments new from tried and tested manufacturers. If one wants to buy an instrument already used, second hand, the same applies, sometimes even more so. The quality of the musical instruments used also determines the level, quality and results of our work. Simply put, always think carefully about buying instruments for music therapy. All the parameters mentioned are essential. We would like to offer you the possibility of buying musical instruments from Nepal (Tibetan bowls, shengs, bells, cartouches, etc.), whose quality is verified and guaranteed by our association. Our concern is not only that you use instruments of therapeutic quality in your work, but also that you have the opportunity to acquire them at an appropriate price. The market for the instruments we use in holistic music therapy has recently become quite large and opaque. There are a lot of people selling low quality instruments at ridiculous prices. Therefore, within the association we try to reach out to manufacturers and sellers of instruments whose quality corresponds to the high standards of holistic music therapy. You can download the catalogue of instruments here. You can order instruments from PaedDr. Lubomír Holzer ([email protected]) or with Filip Kačer ([email protected]).


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the power of the universe


in the soul can be heard by the universe.

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