MEMBERSHIP The European Association of Holistic Music Therapy brings together music therapists and the general public interested in holistic music therapy. It acts as a professional and human support for its members.

PARTICIPATION The Association encourages the activity of its members and enables them to shape the Association through voting rights at annual meetings and participation in the Association's bodies (committee, ethics, audit and professional committees) and working groups. The Association welcomes participation in the promotion of music therapy legislation.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT The Association realizes and participates in the organization of music therapy training courses, professional symposia and conferences, professional supervision, sharing and exchange of professional experience. It provides methodological support and feedback, supports the self-experiential development of its members.

GUARANTEE The Association provides a guarantee to its members in their music therapy activities, music therapy events and activities. It supports the implementation of music therapy activities for the public.

INTEREST The Association provides its members with discounts on organized events, ensures priority participation in these events. It enables them to participate actively in their implementation (concerts, symposia, conferences). The Association cooperates with manufacturers and importers of music therapy instruments and facilitates their purchase at a discounted price for its members.

INFORMATION The Association keeps its members informed about current events in the field of music therapy in the Czech Republic and abroad, and publishes an overview of professional music therapy publications.

WEB The Association operates a website that provides information to the Association's members, professionals and the general public. Members of the association have the opportunity to publish their music therapy activities on the website.
COOPERATION The Association cooperates with other music therapy associations in the Czech Republic and worldwide. It cooperates with Palacký University in Olomouc and other institutions (education, health and social sector).

Membership in the association is voluntary. The Society is open to all music therapists and persons respecting, inclined to and interested in the holistic approach in music therapy and the CMLH method who wish to be active and participate in its activities. Any natural person over the age of 18 can become a member of the Society. A legal person can also become a member of the association. A legal person is represented in the association by its statutory body, unless it appoints another representative. Membership is linked to the person of the member, is not transferable to another person and does not pass to his/her legal successor. Admission of a member to the association shall be decided by the committee on the basis of a written application by the applicant and a recommendation in writing by two members of the association. The admission of a member to the association may be decided by a general meeting. A list of members shall be kept by the committee of the association. It shall be updated once a year. The list of members of the Society is submitted to the membership meeting. The Society publishes a list of professional members on its website. Non-professional members may be published on the basis of their consent. Upon request, the Committee shall produce a certificate of membership of the Society for a member.


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